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Cranberry and Raspberry kit

Cranberry and Raspberry kit
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The kit is composed by:

Estratti di bellezza - Make-up removing gel - face and eyes - Quillaia - removes make-up and cleanses - for all skin types - does not sting your eyes (10 ml)
A delicate gel ideal for cleansing your face and removing all traces of make-up, including from your eyes.

Estratti di bellezza - Rich moisturizing cream - Raspberry and Blueberry - moisturizes, protects - dry or delicate skin (1,5 ml)
This is the ideal treatment for people with dry or delicate skin. It has a particularly rich texture that provides instant relief to tight skin, improving its appearance and making it incredibly soft and silky. Formulated with Blueberry and Raspberry pulp¿ for beauty with a natural vitality and radiance.

Estratti di bellezza - Extra-moisturizing 3-minute mask - Raspberry and Blueberry - moisturizing and relieving - dry or delicate skin (2 ml)
An instant moisturizing treatment that reduces signs of tiredness and stress and offers beauty and wellbeing to your skin in just three minutes.